Air conditioning or not?

By 10/05/2017News
comfort in your own home

Once considered a luxury, air conditioning has been democratized over the years to become a standard commodity. It is now affordable for almost everyone to enjoy a cool breeze during the most overwhelming heat waves.

For some, air conditioning is more than an essential appliance, it’s a matter of survival: in the car, at work, at home, an air conditioner is one’s best friend at all times. Even when it is not really needed.

Let’s face it, some people abuse of it. It is not uncommon to walk in to overly air-conditioned homes or shops resulting in sudden chills all over your body. For all those people who like to turn their homes into a supermarket freezer isle, let us remind them of the main role of air conditioning: air conditioning aims to offer a healthy and comfortable environment with a constant average temperature of 22 ° C. Too often, do people lower the settings well below this temperature, creating uncomfortable spaces favorable to thermal shock.

Furthermore, the effects of poorly managing your temperature may cause serious health issues, such as a stiff neck, sore throat, runny nose, etc.

An air conditioner is the most effective solution to keep a home cool

It’s not worth going without one. To all those who associate air conditioning with discomfort and who are reluctant to install an air conditioner, let us stress that they must keep in mind what makes a heat wave so difficult to tolerate: is the high level of humidity that it contains. To rectify this, no need to drastically lower the temperature: the mere act of dehumidifying the house instantly makes the air easier to bear.

Of course there are environmentally friendly ways to limit the inconveniences of extreme heat, such as equipping a house with solar protection such as shades or blinds, avoiding the use of appliances such as an oven or dryer etc., but the air conditioner is without any doubt, the most effective way to provide and maintain freshness in your home.

An air conditioner becomes a very valuable asset by eliminating excess humidity, filtering the air and maintaining temperatures to the desired comfort level.

Installing a heat pump. Another good reason to benefit from fresh air in the summer.

Not only does a heat pump air-condition, it also provides an enveloping warmth during the colder months, and this at a low cost. All air conditioning and heating experts say it: a heat pump is one of the most efficient appliances on the market. Significant improvements have been made in this technology over the last decade and the current models show exceptional performance.

In short, do not deprive yourself!

Remember that air conditioning your home is allowing your body to recover and providing it with a restful night sleep when temperatures reach a tropical climate. Use it wisely. Enjoy the hot season, open your windows at night, keep blinds and curtains shut during the day, surround yourself with plants, install blinds … and enjoy your smartly air conditioned home.

This being said, have a great summer!

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